Li Jiaoshou users hate you do marketing try these 4 methods

recently saw Alipay "sesame credit", "campus diary" Alipay circle only allows women to speak, and sesame credit score 750 points or more men can comment. This was originally a small function, the results suddenly aroused a lot of disgust:

"for marketing, Alipay is really what to do!"

"for Alipay to engage in financial payment on the line, what social marketing, you


"Oh, this is obviously a marketing tool."


a lot of marketing people cannot understand why consumers will most of the marketing activities so offensive — "marketing not to kill two arson, see an ad you don’t lose what, why I hate


yeah, followed by a number of public articles such as advertising, a lot of people scolded writers is money, how can this do, he took the money seems no loss of the interests of readers, but why is everyone so disgusted?

even before I read a book in the advertisement, there is an advertising man from black satin –

a man before marriage, said to his fiancee: "before I get married, I need to tell you the truth. In fact, my family condition is not good, my uncle is a thief, my sister is a prostitute, I have a cousin who is a murderer, my father has been sued because of domestic violence……"

"My dear,"

said, "it’s all right. I really love you. Is there anything you didn’t tell me? "

fiance hesitated for a long time, swallows said: "in fact…… Actually, I have a younger brother who is advertising."

why do people hate most marketing practices (such as advertising),


people hate this kind of behavior is not in fact because this behavior is really harmful or immoral (otherwise you see, people Tucao advertising is far more than people, but the murderer Tucao) because most advertising marketing behavior is easy to arouse a typical sick of feeling — "psychological resistance".

for example when summer vacation, the students are watching TV at home, you have finished the homework is watching TV, the furious parents directly pulled out the power supply, then you feel that "psychological resistance".

then the parents came every day over and over again with you to "Study hard", "don’t try to play", you are tired to hear, even parents a mouth to you want to leave the table alone went to the bedroom and shut himself up.

think this feeling is not particularly like you continue to listen to "honor the parents of melatonin advertising feeling alone went to the bedroom is not similar to see advertisements directly for Taiwan




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