nternet marketing password advertising costs 50% are wasted

lead: network marketing is a systematic project, if not targeted marketing costs spent will not receive the corresponding effect. What is the effectiveness of Internet Marketing? 1 brand personality; the product force of 2.

"I know my ad is half wasted, but I don’t know which half is wasted." – Ogilvy founder

buy clothes on Taobao, public comment on the dinner, watching the news on micro-blog, squat toilet WeChat. In the consumption habits and lifestyle of Internet and mobile Internet upside down, many business owners found that the traditional hard wide delivery effect as one day; brand director holding annual advertising budget, I do not know how to spend the money.

with these questions, the reporter interviewed the Chongqing famous media people Yang Aixiang, secret Internet marketing password.

Internet traffic is the biggest two places

in the traditional industry, the shop location is an extremely important work, the location of the decision directly to the future development of a store. There are two key factors in the site selection: 1 people how much traffic; 2 target group is accurate.

Internet and mobile Internet era will flow into the network, do Internet marketing and traditional industry location, we must first occupy the largest flow of people.

so, in the Internet, where the largest flow of people where?

1 PC search engine

2 mobile terminal social media

search engine or social media, there are two functions: drainage and diversion.

search engine to meet the needs of people to learn information, social media to meet the needs of people’s social needs of these two major Internet and mobile Internet demand huge traffic. However, after the flow is not stagnant, but immediately shunt.

search engine is different from the search content, will have the same label information search needs of people together; social media with interest classification, will have the same interest as a class.

therefore, network marketing can be divided into two categories: search engine marketing and social media marketing.

network marketing board ax:

1 channel construction; the atmosphere of the construction of the 2; the focus of the 3 eye.

Yang Aixiang will search engine marketing system is divided into three steps, each stage has every stage of the play and purpose.

is in the lake fishing net, first need to spin in the lake will then need to network layout, and finally sailed to catch fish, the fish will be driven into the predefined network.

channel construction


channel is the construction of weaving on the Internet nets, but we must first understand the operating principle of search engines, known.

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