Third party insurance service platform the leap won ten million Angel round of financing capital inv

news in August 3rd third party insurance promotion service platform the roboshop platform won ten million yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is a healthy industry, has invested in three new board listed companies Ding Qi capital, financing after the completion of the valuation roboshop billion yuan.



roboshop is a insurance agent and customer service of third party insurance promotion service platform, the registered capital of 20 million.

The integration of Internet and

Liberty Insurance both advantages of resources, throughout the entire process of product development, marketing, service claims with the Internet thinking, including insurance information query and insurance products trading, individual customization, vertical stores, online promotion of comprehensive professional insurance extension service for insurance employees and customers, and ultimately do your insurance agent, insurance object sharing network platform.


roboshop CEO Wang Jiande said: "China’s Internet insurance is still in the initial stage, we should pay attention to product quality and front-end back-end service of humanity at this stage, thus forming the Internet insurance ecological chain, the roboshop will provide closed-loop service for agents and customers. Round of financing will be mainly used to create promotional service team to accelerate the layout of the market."

Ding Qi capital official said: "we are optimistic about the Internet platform and liberty insurance industry, due to the" independent agents believe the roboshop "APP makes insurance more convenient, more generous income is considerable, and we can use" the liberty "through the medical industry upstream and downstream industry chain, connected hospital, to provide consumers with better health care service."

Internet insurance into the development of the first year in 2015, the proportion of sales of Internet insurance in foreign countries has reached 30%-40%, while the domestic Internet insurance business accounted for only 9%, China’s huge market space Internet insurance.

in this field at present: the start-up companies focus on health insurance and accident insurance of this insurance, is committed to building the third party insurance business platform of the Hui optional network, most of these platforms will design products based on user data, and then by a licensed insurance company for a single and traditional claims, to achieve a complementary advantage of Internet insurance with the traditional insurance company.

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