YAHOO Asia Pacific station abandoned Google enabled nktomi search technology

ZDNet China3 12 reported: in its Australian and New Zealand portal, YAHOO has abandoned the Google search technology, the use of independent search engine.
when YAHOO Search Engine Technology Co. said began to try the new background, the technical transformation of speculation began from last year. This technology was acquired from Inktomi acquired in December 2002.


American companies have completed the technological transformation in the last month, and YAHOO & Australia; New Zealand general manager CliffRosenberg said is expected to European and Asian markets will also appear similar to the change of technology.

said: "I do believe that some countries in Europe and Asia have begun to adopt Inktomi technology, but I still can not publish the names of these countries."

Rosenberg pointed out that YAHOO’s dependence on Google hindered the development of a portal.

Rosenberg said: "if a user tells us that they are looking for a search function, and we have to rely on third parties, such as Google, can offer, then it is difficult for us to put this technology into their products."

Peter Crowe claims that since the acquisition of the user search technology provider Inktomi, has been committed to the work of technology conversion.

Crowe said: "in the search business, you must have the ability to control their own technical resources and the way to coordinate with other web content."

is not clear about the transformation of the YAHOO technology news on Google, however, by the search company Forrester invention open on the search engine and port technology, also resonates with YAHOO’s business decision.

Forrester senior analyst Charlene Li said: Google does not provide the needs of all people."

Forrester is expected, with the improvement of search technology and the use of existing user loyalty, Google will abandon the MSN and YAHOO portal market.


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