The 2016 Rio Olympic marketing war started a comprehensive Olympic marketing occasion which strong

in the summer of 2016 Olympic Games Yinliyue is particularly hot, interaction, tomato fried egg, Iwamatsu teacher in the hand piece; the first gold rush, various business field, all triggered at any moment; Sun Yang won licuoqunxiong in high and vigorous spirits; shake the baby’s heart. The game players of the game under the hot competition, various businesses Gexianshentong, and that August is the Olympic Games of the month, as of August is the marketing of various businesses scramble for those months. Brightest talent competition, in the final analysis, not just the popularity of the fight, talent, is the face of the value of the spell, the fight is creative, fight is to win the moment to do the speed and breadth of talent. By sun Yang Zhixi, "Yang" eyebrow exhale strength back to broaden the media marketing promotion services together with you to review the people in the hot, the Rio Olympic marketing occasion which is stronger in the end


a, spell value

small meat era, everyone is the appearance of the members of the association. Or domineering, or small fresh, or colorful, in Rio tournament, they fight the yen value. Look at BMW, gray image interpretation of the sports spirit of pure and noble, domineering.



when the Qixi Festival meets the Rio Olympics, this is Dove heat covered for a moment, pure fresh pink collocation "love is not a game, but you are my gold", a domineering warm warmth.


ViVO in the first gold rush not resigned to playing second fiddle, and launched the "gas" Yu extraordinary, the first gold light is very dazzling colorful moment.


two, creative

can be said that if there is no full use of Olympics marketing idea is difficult in many advertising than any other talent shows itself. The first one, Durex immediately launched the "Good Shot" and a creative picture is a small fall into a reverie, and do not say.


, by contrast, as the Olympic sponsorship partner for many years Yili, this time just a fly against the wind, the National Olympic Games but I rub hot, "and thousands of people started to emerge the vitality", convened a group of sports Master, TVC shooting, drying out their own "Olympic Games do not crowd the domineering. This is a unique way to make it easier for people to remember.



, when you are in the sound through the Olympic Games of the players in the real figure of the occasion, Konka TV is to wave and Mengniu original comic play, unique way with the Fu Yuanhui field force expression package, also.

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