What is the most important part of network marketing

walk for ten years in the network, witnessed ten years of ups and downs of the network. Today I write this article, talk about the important link of network marketing, the network is to try to gain the aspiring young.

network marketing, what is the most important and inexpensive products and services, whether in network marketing, or store marketing, are very popular. For example, to say that I recently took over a medical website – Dalian Peking University Department of gynaecology hospital, before I have not heard of the hospital, but the site did so, and found that the conversion rate is surprisingly high. I carefully inquired about the hospital, the original hospital service quality is very good, can solve the patient’s pain.

it can be seen that the quality of products and services is critical. But for us to do network marketing, traffic and conversion rate is the most important, which can not be denied. I’m going to talk today about conversion rates.

hard to do up the flow of how to have a higher conversion rate? It depends on the quality of website content. Take the example of Dalian Peking University Department of gynaecology hospital. The site’s conversion rate is so high because the content is written well, the cause of each disease, prevention, treatment, etc., are written in a very comprehensive. Patients see website, feel very authoritative, says is very reasonable, nine out of ten would go to the consultation, so that the website conversion rate is very high.

say that those sites, the search engine included is a problem, even included the ranking is also a problem, even if there is a good ranking, conversion rate is definitely a problem. Just imagine, people suffering from the disease to find answers on the Internet, which people are not optimistic about several websites? With a look at your website, the content is copying the content of the website, no patients had seen, who do not flicker, quasi patients know more than the content on your site more than this! High conversion rate of


we do network marketing, with a heart to help others, for the service of others, rather than thinking about how to make money. A matter of conscience to do our station, improve the site’s conversion rate, let the flow value of


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