Amazon to test a new site or change the user shopping


Internet e-commerce experts said that Amazon’s new website design will make it easier for users to browse through the tablet and use the Amazon website. Sources said that Amazon will release tablet PC products in a few weeks.

Amazon spokesman Sally · (Sally Fouts); Fouts said, Amazon began testing the new design from last week. She said: we are continuing to launch new designs for more users, but it is not possible to determine when the new site design will be issued for all users." She also did not disclose more information about the new web design.

A reporter for the Wall Street journal,

, successfully logged on to Amazon’s new online store late Saturday night. Relative to the site’s home page, Amazon’s new home cleaner, buttons less, more blank areas, search box is also greater. The new site highlights digital content, rather than physical goods. In the previous Amazon website, users need to click on a button to view the digital content or physical goods, such as toys, clothing and sporting goods. On the new site, Amazon has set up separate buttons for e-books, music, video and software.

Amazon’s new design for users and online retailers will have an impact. Amazon is currently the world’s largest Internet store, revenue of $34 billion in 2010. Other e-commerce sites are expected to pay close attention to the performance of the New Amazon site.

Rich, a former manager of Amazon Relevance CEO and David · Salinger (David Selinger) said: "with the consumer gradually shifting to smaller, more interactive screen, such as tablet computer, enhance the content of vitality, make personalized content becomes very important. Amazon’s new website can achieve this, the site highlights such features."

but PowerReview sales marketing director Casey · (Cathy Halligan); Gansu Haley said the new design Amazon is also facing the risk, because it means that the user needs to change old habits. She said that in the course of the user to adapt to the new site, Amazon’s session rate will decline in the first 30 to 45 days. But Amazon in the fourth quarter before testing the new design is appropriate, because the fourth quarter of the holiday season will be the Amazon’s sales season.

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