Liu Qiangdong e commerce in the retail industry to win and ultimately to improve energy efficiency

June 16th, the theme of "thinking and potential empowerment" 2016 "China Internet plus" summit held in beijing.


from around the country thousands of government leaders, business elites, academic representatives, media people gathered at the summit, witnessed the China "Internet plus" index release, discusses how to better grasp the "Internet plus" era of opportunity, transition to the new normal under the government and the people’s livelihood, from all walks of life to upgrade power empowerment. China Internet association academician Wu Hequan, vice mayor of Shenzhen, Chen Biao, and the board of directors of the Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng, the United States Mission CEO Wang, 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo and other enterprises on behalf of round table on the road, to explore the "Internet plus" to promote the track and future path.


group CEO Liu Qiangdong at the summit forum for the Internet plus retail theme speech, speech, Liu Qiangdong summarized the main form of the evolution of human development of the retail industry, put forward Internet plus retail shape can be better than the key and replace the traditional channels in the Internet business model to reduce transaction costs and enhance the industry trade and industry efficiency.

in Liu Qiangdong view, the electricity supplier can not become the history of the retail industry in fourth formats, in addition to look at the upgrading of the consumer experience, but also can significantly reduce the retail cost, improve industry efficiency.

Liu Qiangdong first reviewed the development of the retail industry. He pointed out that retail is the first business model ever. So far, the development of retail formats has experienced four forms:

1, is the earliest country markets, such as market stalls, are, which is the C2C model, Zhongguancun city is a computer, a lot of wholesale markets are. 2, the mall model, second retail formats, in a big city instead of the market. 3, chain stores, such as WAL-MART, Carrefour, Yonghui, including the United States, Ningdu, the Soviet Union is the form of chain stores. 4, "Internet plus retail, e-commerce model.

why the four models are constantly changing, each kind of format can be replaced by the previous generation market format because of the subsequent format to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

generally, the market C2C mode requires 30-50% channel cost, four to five layers of distributors, layers increases, consumers need to pay extra to the last 30%-50% cost. This is also the country retail model of this format must have its inherent cost, a set of industrial chain, need a lot of layered cooperation.

is the core indicator of the efficiency of retail sales inventory turnover days. In this view, the market average inventory turnover days 50-100 days, for example, you go to Zhongguancun to buy a computer, the production date is basically 2-3 months ago. After two or three months of production, the price of the hard disk, the motherboard price, and finally the brand profit is very small, consumers get all of the month of two or three

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