Flying cow network push thousands of Rural million Museum plans to grab the market by the micro base


, WAL-MART and Huarun million in Carrefour and other major retail heavyweights have squeezed into the battlefield, the transformation of the electricity supplier O2O, Darunfa online mall flying cow network already has a new action. In May this year, the flying cow network officially opened the national distribution, by "Internet plus" Dongfeng, also launched a "thousand million Xiang Pavilion plan A/B", the electricity supplier is still far from full attack coverage to the local market.

it is reported that in June 18th last year, Darunfa flying cow network to join xishiduo convenience store launched the "thousand million Museum" Xiang plan, set up the next line store experience, eyeing the remote township. Today, the flying cow network has been satisfied with a simple retail cooperation format, once again launched an upgraded version of "thousand million Museum" Xiang plan, in the form of two-way output of the A/B program, established personal based partner program, and convenience store formats based reseller program. Flying cow net wants to use micro business follow up a victory with hot pursuit, the army had been coveted by the township market.

flying cow network full channel business development department general manager Yuan Bin told reporters that the 1000 Xiang Wan Museum A program partner program for the two types of people, one is a fixed place and have the intention to become flying cow cable users experience lower hall; the other is the flying cow network information sharing out through social networks the users, covering all types of partners, including the museum experience, campus, community partner partners and internal staff partner etc..

these two types of partners in accordance with the level can be divided into senior partner and junior partner. Senior partner refers to the experience of the automatic design of the museum as a senior partner, with a certain degree of leadership, willing to play, in a certain area can be responsible for the promotion of the business, and is responsible for training new salesman, etc.. The primary partner mainly refers to part-time salesman, belonging to senior partner.

standards for partners, flying cow network requires only 18 years old, familiar with online shopping and enthusiasm for the promotion of the cause can be. After the application to join the success, the partner will receive exclusive invitation code, the new user to share the invitation code to purchase through the partner, the partner can get the appropriate category of 1%~3% commission.

, for example, a dormitory of a university in Wuhan, there are four students, one of my classmates to join the flying cow network partner program, the students can use the exclusive invitation code, or directly through his WeChat product information sharing to his students the same bedroom, and his students the same bedroom by the students in the flying cow shopping online, he can obtain the corresponding commission.

in addition to the order returned to the Commission, the partner’s income as well as the package from the Commission and the effective new customer promotion fee. Flying cow network will be based on the statistics of the background data, in order to partner with the monthly settlement. For example, the Museum Museum Address thousand million rural transaction orders, each successfully sign a package, the museum commission income 2 yuan; at the same time flying cow network in the background will be based on the effective new guest registration and consumption to partner, give the junior partner and senior partners at the corresponding revenue.

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