Cui Cunbin search data insight B2C market development

Baidu traditional e-commerce industry trends Forum held at the Radegast Hotel CBD Beijing, the conference, Baidu business analysis department senior manager Cui Cunbin made a wonderful speech on the development of search data insight into the B2C Market:

is the following speech:

Cui Cunbin: we all know that Baidu is the search engine. We can take a look at our search data and see a lot more than we thought. A recent example is used for my soybean (information market), garlic in prices, through Baidu’s data can be very obvious to see that this year, the red line is the mung bean price increase, but this is not the price of this search price, and the price of mung bean is very nervous. Some people say that the price of mung bean is the reason for the teacher Zhang Wuben, in fact, this is the cause of demand. Pork is also declining, we in April when the domestic pork prices are declining. Garlic prices can be seen in the per capita geographical distribution, the distribution of people in Shandong is the most, we can also be refined to the city. Shandong, Jining is a special place for the production of garlic, indeed people are most concerned about garlic.

said that the potential of B2C growth is huge, highlighting the value of search engines. This is iResearch data, a lot of third party data, we chose a relatively credible data. As you can see, one is expected from 07 to 2013, 09 years of experience in the online purchase about 109 million people who say this is about every 4 users there is a person bought something on the Internet, online shopping has become one of the habits of Internet users. Further down, in the online transaction, the transaction size is 263 billion, which is the number of 09 years, the figure is quite large. This is equivalent to the province of Hainan is 50% GDP. In our country is divided into a province is still a big number.

which is the fastest growing B2C, although the annual turnover of B2C is relatively small, only 20 billion of the year 09, the total turnover of only less than 1/10, but the growth rate is very fast. This data is how users know that you sell things on the Internet, how to open an online shop to let you know that the Internet users through the network to know the way of shopping, online search is ranked first. Similarly, the site is also one of the ways to provide links. There are search engines on the right side of advertising. Now the Internet has changed the patterns of consumer behavior, we are engaged in market research and marketing personnel all know that in the beginning of last century, consumer behavior from all the attention, interest, desire, action. In 2005 there was a new model of attention, interest, search, action, sharing. Further development in China because of our Baidu user coverage is nearly 100%. Everyone’s needs are intrinsic · spontaneous, I want to buy something is not necessarily heard people say, I want to buy something I have to buy, I can search, search on the assessment. If you want to do this, if you want to do B2C, the most important thing is to search after the assessment and action is in

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