Rural electricity providers cross border electricity supplier into a hot CPPCC members Zhang Jindon

Want to see the development of

Chinese manufacturing, can see Zhejiang Yiwu; want to see the China economic growth rate, can see the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, however, want to see the China reform of circulation industry, some people say that Zhang Jindong CPPCC members over the past thirteen years, the proposal provides a good perspective.


Zhang Jindong in 2015 NPC and CPPCC, suggestions.

from 2003 "to strengthen business development planning legislation, promote the modernization of circulation", 2008 "to boost retail scale, stimulating domestic demand growth", to 2014 "upgrade" integration of the two "national strategy to promote industrial transformation of the Internet", members of Zhang Jindong’s proposal reflects China’s goods distribution industry from large to small. Strong, the transformation from the traditional to the development of the internet.

as chairman of Suning Holdings Zhang Jindong, for 14 consecutive years in the capacity of the CPPCC members to participate in the national NPC and CPPCC, in the circulation field is rare, not only reflects the importance of the retail industry in Chinese in economic development, but also to promote the Chinese retail industry innovation and development, this year he will stand suggestions and ideas in what kind of angle become the focus of the outside world.

five pieces of hot

indicative livelihood proposal

two sessions held soon, Zhang Jindong careful preparation of the CPPCC proposal has been exposed in advance. It is reported that Zhang Jindong will take five pieces of the proposal to Beijing, and the direction of the proposal involves many aspects of rural electricity providers, cross-border electricity, electronic invoices, innovation and entrepreneurship, youth football, taking into account the development of people’s livelihood and industry in two directions.

as a member of the NPC and CPPCC industrial roots, Jindong just perfect play its in-depth industry, understand the role of the people’s livelihood, the most devoted attention to stimulating consumption of rural electricity providers and cross-border electricity supplier a lot of enthusiasm, and make recommendations for improvement. Proposals on the direction of innovation and entrepreneurship, will be in full swing in the small and micro enterprises and create a new positive energy. For the full swing Chinese football, Zhang Jindong from the youth system point proposal, is also worth looking forward to find everything fresh and new.

proposal should also adhere to the Commission and

a lot of things to promote is not done overnight, a lot of problems can not be solved in a year or two, so it is necessary to continue to focus on the two sessions of members and unremitting efforts to promote. For Fourteen consecutive years in the NPC and CPPCC Jindong, although it has been to the outside world to calm, low-key image of the show, but does not represent a low-key silence, in addition to the people’s livelihood sharply, hit the key, Jindong is focusing on the problem for many years and actively promote the implementation of the proposal, with a member of the CPPCC National Committee for the people sound the responsibilities and rights.

For example,

electronic invoice as Zhang Jindong in recent three years, pushing the proposal, the government has adopted the recommendations of electronic invoices from scratch, from the introduction of the policy to the pilot, this year has entered the popularization stage, the focus of this year’s Zhang Jindong proposal to popularize landing >

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