Ali 38 scan code to buy transcripts swept away a large supermarket in 1 minutes


Francisco March 8th hut, Sunday morning 9:00, this could have been a lot of people want to sleep in the moment, but in Ali 38 scan code of life of consumers, have used their enthusiasm and efficiency, to the "one minute sweep away a large supermarket one day sales rate, completed their the panic buying.

from Ali data show that in the 10 minutes after the start of the 9:00 activities, there are already actively involved in the user of the 380 thousand, they swept away the first day of the first tier cities in the supermarket sales of 10.

in the 38 year, Ali pay hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies to the user, choice of food, personal care and baby products and other categories most commonly used necessities of nearly 10 million pieces, consumers only need to visit the Taobao mobile phone, to sweep the activities of commodity bar code, enter the purchase page, you can get the highest goods 50 percent off credits, each user the highest subsidies 100 yuan.

Alibaba responsible person, although the scan code is panic buying a new form of shopping, but in the beginning of 9:00, before preparing a large number of users through various channels and the influx of qi activity bar, peanut oil, milk and other products are instantly swept light. Within 30 minutes, a total of 540 thousand people were swept away from the volume of paper towels, 40 thousand bottles of liquid detergent, milk and 300 thousand boxes of 30 thousand barrels of cooking oil.

Whether visiting the "code

supermarket" at home, or rushed to the supermarket to pick up the goods bar code on the sweep, consumers are pretty fight: the data shows in Ali "38 scan code" first activity after just 30 minutes, Colgate sold a large supermarket sales dropped 1 months;

within 1 hours, non GM arowana golden ratio oil sales line is equivalent to a large supermarket sales of 125 times a day, also a product of arowana sun sunflower oil, "" sales reached 90 times the line large supermarket;

within two hours, 250ml installed Erie Golden pure milk sales, to reach the next day a large supermarket sales of nearly 20 times.

business observers said: the future of the supermarket shopping online, and offline, the scan code is likely to become the new third types of consumer life scenes – "" code behind is a large supermarket, the supermarket is the scan code, the scan code brand businesses to actively participate in the activities. Not only because the scan code can enhance user loyalty, enhance interaction between businesses and consumers, but also because of the need to embrace new opportunities for change and sweep code to bring. (Xiao Ran)

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