Jingdong group personnel changes responsible for the person in charge of intelligent hardware Jingdo


technology news May 9th morning news, Jingdong group occurred today personnel adjustment, the Jingdong of intelligent hardware division is responsible for Wang Zhenhui as the Jingdong operating system mall responsible person, the original Jingdong mall operation system for Li Yonghe for personal reasons to resign. At present, Jingdong has not yet issued a public announcement, sina science and technology Jingdong from the mall to find the internal intelligence.

it is understood that Wang Zhenhui will report to Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu. Wang Zhenhui was responsible for the intelligent hardware division, temporarily by the group CTO and Zhang chen.

public information, today the resignation of Li Yonghe in May 2011 to join the Jingdong, Jingdong former mall warehousing department chief, North China branch chief, and served as senior vice president of Jingdong mall operation system in December 2014, responsible for the overall operation management system.

Wang Zhenhui in April 2010 to join the Jingdong group, served as the regional branch area, warehousing department head positions, August 2014, Jingdong founded intelligent hardware division, Wang Zhenhui served as president of intelligent hardware division.

need to note is that this is a Jingdong founded in 2014 second encounter intelligent "coaching", June 30, 2015, the former Jingdong responsible for the turnover of intelligent Xin joined the electricity supplier shopping guide website what is worth buying, as CEO. (Li Gen)

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