The problems of non online shopping crowd

in the first half of this year, the network shopping user scale bucked the trend in the financial crisis, from 74 million to 87 million 880 thousand. At present, China’s Internet users, about 4 people in the world, there are 1 people are shopping, and in Europe and the United States and South Korea and other countries with high Internet penetration rate, each of the 3 Internet users in the online shopping on the 2. The potential for online shopping in China is far from being released.

but China’s e-commerce transformation of non online shopping crowd still exist a lot of problems like this or that!

is the first source of

source, network mall supply generally divided into three kinds of channels, factory direct supply, intermediary supply, and OEM is not so simple, with mobile phone as an example, we know there is a lot of, for example: China (Hong Kong, Macao, domestic importers), (also referred to licensed); European call water, water, Singapore (also referred to as a machine called smuggled goods or revision); renovation, charge, 14 secret, engineering prototype, assembly, second-hand, imitation, so that the BtoC store goods come from the online shopping population has become one of the issues of concern, because the quality of the directly related to the product


followed by the price problem

online quotes, basically every mainstream product price at least in more than one hundred yuan, of which every one has reached the level of "Yu audible" effect! What price, and regional factors, scale, and great difference. There are differences between the shop and the store, and finally, you are in your store to ask the price is certainly higher than the average price on the Internet for a long time. So, in a large part through online comparison, ongoing price comparison in many countries, and finally choose to buy online are just a few of them, most people still choose around the store to buy, after all, "ran the temple monks stand the psychological inertia is very difficult to change


third is a purchase commitment

consumer concerns the issue of network mall "distance", when a problem arises, in addition to the mall and the commitment to customer service phone is likely to be busy, the consumer really is very helpless, while consumers in addition to call to complain to their "friends" warned not to buy, also seems to be true not what to do, so some manufacturers will suddenly overnight become a target for all "will be not at all surprising


fourth is after-sales service

China is too big, a lot of brands in different provinces of the China shipping price is not the same, so the scope of its customer service service is uneven in quality, "remember the word" fleece ", the low price is less warranty, a high price for parts, which is the manufacturer of the preferred way no doubt, so if the manufacturers of goods on the network to sell, then the price is known all over the world, so, must choose the lowest when consumers purchase products, for customer service service, that is the later matter >

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