Web2 0 era of SMEs how to do e commerce

Web2.0 network has been very mature, but the majority of small and medium enterprises remain in the generation of simple network model. This will slow down in e-commerce.

to Wikipedia, blog, Google AdSense, such as the characteristics of the Web2.0 Internet has been very mature, open the Sina home page, we will find that the only red navigation bar is micro-blog". However, according to the professional service providers of wolf e-commerce data center revealed that the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises still keep in built three or four years ago on the website, even some companies built a Taobao shop began advertising investment in Baidu. This is the blindness of SMEs themselves, but also the network promotion of the company is not responsible.

Web1.0 is characterized by the user to obtain information through the browser, and Web2.0 pay more attention to the user’s interaction, the user is not only the content of the site visitors, but also the creator of the site content. Web2.0 has the following features:

1, multiplayer: everyone is the creator of content.

2, people are the soul: the core content of the Internet many people share.

3, readable and writable: each person can browse content, but also to create.

4, form of expression: blog, podcast, Wiki, P2P download, community, sharing services, etc..

figure below: Graphic Web2.0


in this case, the company stick to a corporate website, or even a static content site, coupled with marketing network marketing model is wrong. Web2.0 has already solved the problem of early online transactions, the early network is limited to the content of a single, unsecured credit, payment difficulties and other factors, it is difficult to profit. At present, the use of interactive web site architecture, Alipay, PayPal, caifutong is a good solution to the problem of online payment and credit guarantee. Enterprise e-commerce strategy should therefore be changed, in this paper the author provides a model for reference: "website + mall + blog" mode.

website: CMS content management system is a model of the marketing website. Powerful content management capabilities, you can lay a good foundation for enterprises to attract traffic by content.

Mall: regardless of the Taobao store, or to build an independent SHOPEX system mall, can be a good tool for the realization of the integration of online payment for the transformation of the unfamiliar customers to provide a good platform.

blog: high quality blog for search engines, which attracts the attention of network circle, high-quality blog should pay attention to shaping the corporate image, corporate technology professional, has product evaluation show, and even reflect the operators personality charm. Because this is an interactive platform, affinity than cold website show stronger.

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