Shop operators lack of people required the headhunter gold medal manager salary 150 thousand

are in accordance with national standards to enjoy, when this recruitment information in the online search of the emergence of the company, caused no small shock. Compared to the previous search enterprise mainly aimed at high-end talent, this is Taobao search to net online shop manager.

in recent years, the rapid development of the shop, but accompanied by the lack of business talent, which is also a hot topic in the field of e-commerce in recent years. With the search involved, a shop manager, operations director, supervisor, director of design of the battle has begun.

it is understood that a few days ago, Taobao e-commerce Flagship Store Manager Recruitment Information Release in the search network, offer is a basic salary of 10 to 150 thousand yuan. stakeholders told reporters, according to the recruitment message can be seen, this salary does not include sales commissions, some shop performance to be about 10%, other benefits such as false and enjoy social security according to the national standard.

so when the recruitment information has been widely reproduced, see micro-blog countless onlookers: "the store to find the hunter ah", "when the manager was chief of the number of cattle"……

as long as two years working in a company’s electricity supplier manager, will be in favor of various companies, sometimes exaggerated to shop owners have to dig headhunting company. An industry source disclosed such information, now this talent competition has entered the white hot. "A month into the million shop manager recruitment, recruiting manager of Taobao"…… Reporters saw a lot of similar information on the recruitment website, while the phenomenon of high paid shop executives appear in clothing, bags and cosmetics and other popular industries.

yesterday, the reporter contacted in Hangzhou to sell more than 2 years of clothing shop manager Zhang, she told reporters, sometimes really want to jump out of the information, asked her if she had joined the other shop intentions, "many things had seen, have a close friend of the main customer service tube was removed. Some of the larger scale of the new open shop funds do not worry, would like to directly recruit " skilled workers "." She said that in the past six months, significantly more frequent flow of personnel.

every day to get up at 10 to work in the morning at about two or three, the phone to boot, in other words, is to pay attention to the platform of the policy, in a timely manner to adjust the store business." The reporter learned from a number of requests to see, the manager salary is not low, but it is not easy to do a gold store.


three diamond shop shopkeeper told reporters, take the promotion shop, is not a simple thing, to consider in website promotion, or do the train is a comprehensive advertising, or. How to improve the shop’s click rate, is also very important to adjust the commodity " hot word " increase the probability of being searched." Do not look down on some of the key words of the commodity, package delivery, free courier, mail, free mail, 4 words mean almost, but the probability of being clicked is very different.

"this year, calling for a shop manager, director of operations.

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