Tencent Jingdong how to use WeChat attack Taobao

text / Wang Congji

recently, WeChat shop, Jingdong shopping portal has been on the line, coupled with WeChat’s third party electronic business platform frequently sound, WeChat electricity supplier ecology pattern layer out.

and as the penguin and eight sisters had expected, Jingdong + fast and easy anyway, the variables are not large, to pat the cornerstone of the C2C is the core of WeChat electricity supplier.

around WeChat, Tencent Jingdong are working together to weave a network of Taobao. The biggest worry, Ma electricity supplier WeChat finally the real intention comes in the end.

specific situation, it is so:

1 WeChat entrance as a bait, pat is tempted merchants settled.

pat in the recent launch of the new deal, there is an article worthy of attention: Jingdong will use the WeChat side of the ecological resources, to provide a central solution to pat the merchant WeChat shop.

among them, Jingdong’s WeChat ecological resources, refers to the WeChat game tied to the shopping entrance.

Jingdong meaning this is actually very clear: Pat businessmen come to shop it, WeChat shopping entrance will be the number of your electricity supplier public diversion oh.

WeChat shopping entrance, has become the best sign of the temptation to pat merchants.

2 Jingdong independent WeChat electricity supplier development projects: Jingdong micro shop.

pat the new deal there is a message: no longer require businesses to use Jingdong micro shop system, and the choice of third party service providers of electricity supplier system.

hidden behind this is actually a Jingdong business adjustment, is the original Jingdong pat micro shop has nothing to do with pat, became a Jingdong micro shop".

Jingdong micro shop official page has been on the line (wei.wanggou.com), Han Yi homes, Semir and a series of big sellers have settled. At present, the role of Jingdong micro shop is much bigger than the WeChat store, the electricity supplier system developed by the original Tencent electricity supplier experience is much better than the WeChat store.

as to why Jingdong micro shop to be separated from the pat, there may be two reasons:

is a large, pat to do like Taobao C2C platform, forcing all businesses choose a set of electric system is not reasonable; the two is the use of Pat micro shop Jingdong with third party competition, will inevitably be detained on the new WeChat " " national team cap.

but ye said, the Jingdong in the construction of the public electricity supplier micro shop process, snatch the third party service provider is inevitable.

3 do not trust Jingdong and the third party, Tencent to personally promote WeChat C2C electricity supplier.

WeChat shop on the line, there is a voice that this is a violation of Tencent and Jingdong do not compete agreement.

Penguin Jun think this really want too much, because no matter the micro shop Jingdong, or WeChat shop, the words of Taobao

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