How to optimize the static Public opinions are divergent without benefits

: then cater to more search engines crawl the site, in the official website issued a statement saying that noble baby can not static, baby spiders that have the ability to peer grab dynamic address, even said that the dynamic address is more conducive to the spider crawling, but this statement is only for the nobility baby itself search engine, so far besides the noble baby outside of the search engine in favor of more static. As long as the webmaster can make static website set up correctly, not in the setting of static pages, the Session ID into the static address, spider web crawling, will crawl to correct the static address in the web site.

: and improve the performance of web application, especially for some large website, the website using the dynamic address, the user enters the site with different entrance, will have a different dynamic address, such access will bring the burden to the website loading, but if to set static website, you can directly access to resources and then through the static database or data processing in the user before the visit, generating static pages, all the access to a static page, and static processing of the page itself to the dynamic page access speed is many times faster, so the program performance can be greatly improved.

forum often said see webmaster consultation: whether URLs need to be static website optimization, some owners will insist on site static, but also find that some large websites are still using a dynamic address, static website is really for Shanghai dragon Public opinions are divergent., it is one of the most static basically, from a certain extent, the static web site is more conducive to the spider crawling, Shenzhen, part-time to the webmaster about static benefits of optimization.

: the first spider fear grab complex links, now the web page is generated by the program in real-time, users access to a web site, according to the degree of access to the URL in the call database, generate the page content in real time, the URL contains much, with a question mark, or some messy as the following parameters, using ASP language to do the dynamic business website address: 贵族宝贝 jianzhi8贵族宝贝/news.asp? Cat_id=40& news_id=300, for complex long such connection address, spiders are very reluctant to grab, fear may encounter the infinite loop connection, or dangerous junk links, or a large number of duplicate content in the website so, for the website to be fully included, or suggest stationmaster to address URL dynamic into static URL address, Also reduce the spider crawling difficulties, at the same time the URL static address users are also more likely to be remembered and used.

is static or dynamic for the website, the Internet will be the Public opinions are divergent. anyway, the advantages and disadvantages of the two, here we talk about how to address dynamic static, static analysis to several different programs.

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