Love Shanghai SEM account operations in which the set operation Will the


3, the area set up small area, did not put the meaning of

general regional setting is the traditional enterprise will set this up, the Internet or online education and can pass through the Internet to the virtual or physical products are the mode of delivery, unless the company is focused on a few or a designated area of investment.

? areaMost of the



Fifth, the proportion of mobile Set the

2, high traffic areas can focus attention but data transformation;


operation time, it is easy to understand on account! Can control the high flow point in time and get the conversion rate, so you can better determine the user access time and traffic into good time and focus on.

fourth, and then set the

bid set

1, budget and more opportunity to show, to show the amount of





sixth, the other set

2, plans to set the budget is to prevent malicious and lead to waste;

this is a must, and will affect every set of budget accounts where to

settings are usually SEM operation how kind of effect?

account offered to how to control the mobile data terminal is what kind of? Can be controlled by the mobile bid;



this is one of the effective methods to recover a customer! This must be tested

3, network alliance unlimited budget is spent our budget early line;

is high;

SEM account set up a lot of my friends think that it is not very easy!! but otherwise! Each set will all account data and data fluctuation effects! General account settings is the foundation, but through the data set on high technology! So you can see a person of SEM operation people, then we will have what account settings? Below by the Internet dry cargo runs the Lu Yongguo do simple analysis for everyone to share with

!First, the budget set !

1, the more narrow the regional flux is small, or vice versa;

second, set the

third, time setting


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