On 2014 Shanghai Longfeng trend

2014 rankings will be better? Good ranking is of course that meet user needs information query site, whether it is a single site or an introductory page or blog platform, shops. These rankings will than it is now easier to merchandise page ranking.

goods station will be eliminated? Because of the love of Shanghai is a query based on information platform, whether it is for what kind of commodity query data people and competitors is far greater than the purchase of users. But commodity site does not satisfy the user query information needs, this will affect the search needs of users, thus affecting the love Shanghai search experience. So why don’t love Shanghai these sites would be slowly eliminated? Love Shanghai don’t look at your website transaction whether, whether he cares about is money, your website can help him retain users. If your website is only to keep the purchasing needs of minority groups, and cannot keep the user query data then the algorithm will rank you back. From the beginning of the year to now search keywords in one specific product appear on the home page and the information platform shops and many independent site rankings, ranking is not good. These rankings in the platform information rankings better are the content of a more comprehensive and meet some information needs, in accordance with the truth should be the weight of product parameters are introduced and comprehensive information platform of the information ranking, rather than data to improve the information rankings better. For example, in search of "diesel generator price" home on some platform ranking.

ER in Shanghai Longfeng 2013 reflect Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, and even a lot of Shanghai dragon Er has quit the industry. Shanghai dragon is difficult to do, or we do not keep up with the pace of updating algorithm? I think it is not keep up with the pace of the algorithm, it seems in many cases our Shanghai dragon is getting better and better to do. 2014 Shanghai dragon will be how to develop? We look at trends:

Why how to operate? What kind of

(1) providing information content inside the site, for example we search a word cutting machine, cutting machine type, appeared on the cutting machine cutting machine pictures, safety procedures, multi line cutting machine, cutting machine price in the drop-down box. The usual picture appears in addition to cutting machine and cutting machine price is conducive to the user’s transaction, now can not do so. Since the user has some other requirements so we provide on the website inside the cutting machine type, cutting machine safety operation procedures.

what is the commercial station? We all do business products belong to the goods station site, is to do the website display of goods turnover. Our company is the product pictures and home station performance parameters, and then connected to the inside pages, the products sold. The second is the single page introduction product function and effect, these all belong to the goods station.

Many of the

is our point of view: pure commodity rankings are also difficult to do, and the data query station rankings easily.

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