How to give full play to the long tail keywords

website optimization is in order to get the ranking, or is the conversion rate, many sites have ranked without flow, one of the reasons is that there is no construction of long tail words. These ideas are useful for most of the long tail word, I hope useful for you as a reader.

has 3 kinds of methods:

1) long tail words as the title and content of writing, this is the best idea, because the more the number of long tail words appear likely to be ranked better, the greater the search to user. But in the long tail word layout needs some natural.


3) to build high-quality content for the long term, specifically around the long tail words to write, such as "Shanghai dragon optimization course", the user needs in this area can be automatically to click on the. Most important is to meet the requirements of the search engine algorithm.

2 is determined according to the needs of users, the site positioning themselves to expand the long tail words, themselves as users;

2) to build the chain soft with long tail word. The long tail word was constructed with the aim to attract traffic, outside chain can attract traffic. If the long tail word distribution in the chain of high quality soft Wen, also can bring good traffic to the site.

simply said, according to the long tail keywords is the core keywords to expand out phrases or short sentences. For example, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the core keywords, and the long tail word is "which Shanghai Shanghai dragon company is the most professional, these long tail word is set according to the user’s search habits, so more in line with the user experience. When the user according to the long tail word search site shows better results.

is the first to understand what is the long tail keywords

1 is the use of tools, to determine the overall situation of the long tail word search;

the second is how to expand the long tail word

finally, the focus here, how to construct the long tail word to bring traffic to

website optimization to determine key words, according to the core keywords to develop long tail words, these words will be effective if the long tail word to the site to bring considerable traffic. The problem is, how to make the long tail keywords play? Shanghai dragon company optimization tricks.

3 can let professional Shanghai dragon company to help determine the long tail word.

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