Novice webmaster discussion on how to avoid excessive optimization

attention to tactics, strategic defiance

third is the principle of non mechanized operation. Some owners may not optimize a website is not a keyword optimization, so in order to make the daily work more efficient, it has formulated strict tasks and forms, such as the daily provisions in how much a forum posting replies, provides blog update how many articles (with the number of the chain) and so on, once you made a habit, you can also make it easy for search engines to Cha Jue, you may think, a good website, which many parameters and indicators are gradual, naturally, but if you every day is in accordance with the prescribed mechanical operation good, or use some mass, it will let the search engine that you are in control of the rankings, have very strong regularity and human intention, perhaps it will backfire.


as a whole to natural unmechanized

often don’t have luck

second is an important principle is not have luck. For example, in the home to be hidden links, hidden H tags, hidden text, or deliberately interspersed keywords in the title, at the bottom of the site to do a lot of home page keywords as the anchor link in the chain and so on, or adventures in Shanghai love to know or left a large number of anchor Post Bar, especially Shanghai Post Bar in love, do not think that occasionally left one or 35 love Shanghai spiders will to the site more often. In fact, if you do a here today, tomorrow is exceed the standard excess, for a small website, is a dangerous thing, search engine is sensitive to some acts, penalties are more timely, so don’t challenge the search engine can tolerate the bottom line, or to ease a bit better.

many owners have been seriously to optimize your web site, want to have good keywords ranking, so we have to do external links, update the article, optimize the internal structure of the website, and even the accumulation of keywords, but suddenly one day, found your site included reducing, ranking dropped, even by the K. Suddenly found himself doing fire. In fact, these are not far away, sometimes a little attention will lead to accidents, so as to avoid the novice webmaster, if excessive optimization? Today to share with you the three principles he summed up, hoping to let everyone benefit.


first in psychology to have such thinking, is valued in the tactical, strategic defiance. Specific means in Shanghai dragon to grasp the details, to do internal optimization reasonable, but can not develop Shanghai’s psychological fear of love, don’t do things considered in the end will not be right down, will not be K, not as long as the tactics of the black hat, as long as the user has the advantage, have long-term benefits the development of the site, then do it boldly, don’t hesitate. Because the overall traffic site if it is depending on the search engine, it is a very dangerous signal, Mai Lisa thought it best not more than 40%.

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