How to deal with the decline of the website constructor keywords ranking

domain name is registered for 09 years, is not old nun meters, from 2010 the construction of L-carnitine as the theme of the content, the chain has barely increased, but basically rely on the quality of Links in support, is in jeopardy when love Shanghai update, it is easy to be together go out, but this is the adjustment of the algorithm, but also the site of integrated data evaluation, expert webmaster see at a glance, the construction of Amoy products website is not being optimistic, because the guest promotion of the website basically no what aspect, so the user will not produce reproduced behavior, can be said to do not have the user experience the site, therefore in the Shanghai dragon, in addition to increasing the chain resources effectively, the basic.

webmaster circle appeared a lot of new words, what is the most awesome, ranking is fleeting, leisure, can actually be seen keywords owners are most concerned about is your site’s ranking, the first thing is to get up every day to open the computer, check the website included, the chain website, and the website keywords ranking, and then release the content of timing quantitative update site, moreover is the release of some soft chain increases, or find Links, interchange with the circle of webmaster, I believe most of the webmaster is to do so, although very hard, but at least ranking in his efforts to gradually surfaced however, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, every update means an examination, every time they are frightened to accept the test, Web site keywords ranking up, my heart than eating honey, happy, good rankings, flow up, money is also up; on the contrary, the rankings off, my heart than love brokenhearted and suffering, even some desperate, A5 webmaster forum there are so many people, can be seen the webmaster is not really easy ah, I have mentioned in the previous article "personal webmaster website is not easy to get, it is not easy, not to mention the need to rely on the site to maintain their livelihood, is even more difficult, although there are many ways of website marketing promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, soft Wen promotion, word of mouth, but the most is Shanghai dragon once and for all, in fact, Shanghai dragon is the most physical and mental things, and the results tend to be quite different, hard to do Actually, can the keyword ranking fell to thousands of miles away, in Luoping as a webmaster, on the website optimization, appeared keywords ranking drop, but not updated snapshot, today on the other, about the analysis of the site keywords ranking drop individuals, with the hope that we can exchange study a:

said that although the site keywords ranking is a index, but long for love Shanghai SEO webmaster have its own set of optimization methods, through a variety of signs included from the love of Shanghai, can be an easy job to do to find out all kinds of unfavorable factors in the construction site, so as a website builder, how to deal with the website keywords ranking drop the


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