K on the site was difficult to judge the situation must be observed for a period of time


and I have been on this site before the sea once fell in love with manslaughter home, but two days later came back home. Only the last K away home when I think confidence not half a month will come back, because I am not cheating. But also in the inside pages, the general page needs to be adjusted, in accordance with the user experience, you first have to analyze the reason of course. So I analysis is the cause of love Shanghai hurt, because the probability of error in the sea is very large, especially when some big update, this is great, but my site is just Thursday update (see the Chinaz webmaster tools to see). So I judge by search engine after injury, has not the dynamic website, wait for recovery, and not two days to recover.

and this love sea ruthless, even K to zero, it also makes people a little depressed. I still look at this point in time, you look at the picture above is just on Friday, before and after the update time. I still feel my way to use it is normal, there is no cheating behavior, even if there is a problem that does not allow Shanghai to love so hard, I think it should be killed, this time I really could not sit, not last so weak. To love Shanghai complaints about my writing is very real, do not know love Shanghai staff is not seeing my words from the bottom of the heart. My website to recover, estimate the possibility is very few, because we are not a celebrity, not big website, influence is not big enough to love Shanghai basically do not see.


Shanghai is a dragon needs confidence of the industry, like the premier in 08 years of financial crisis when the words that are more confident than gold is also important. Why should speak with you this? The reason is because it is a very controllable occupation or technology, in this society, some other technical changes will not be so big, but the Shanghai dragon industry is constantly changing, a good site yesterday may have gone for ever today. Sometimes feel that need a good attitude and ability, sometimes I feel like I do in Shanghai Longfeng for more than three years, a lot of K stand down right also see, think they are accustomed to, when a hard optimization technique with regular search engine site is K off, some will inevitably feel Xu is not happy.


especially for the novice webmaster, this big blow generally do not do this for the people it is hard to imagine that the confidence collapse in doubt what they are learning is not wrong. To optimize the site later do not know how to do, in fact, when we have something, the first time should think of the reasons, not dizzy, lose their cool. A few days ago I was a website search engine K, clear all that. The first time I though a bit depressed, but I thought the first time is what reason, recall that nearly a month of operation, may not be illegal.

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