Google Panda officially launched the transformation of Shanghai dragon algorithm workers need to do

Panda algorithm

1, to improve the quality of the contents of

Google earlier this year, also launched a "page layout algorithm", not much lower quality content website ranking, this algorithm is for the April algorithm to pave the way for the garbage behind the website ranking algorithm to update us more for Shanghai Longfeng workers, formal and can continue to make the user experience the Shanghai dragon skills to give more support to only know the punishment from the web search engine optimization method and user access. But we said regular Shanghai dragon white hat Shanghai dragon, but how to do search engine optimization guide, which are talking about is very shallow, the specific operation is not a definite standard, but each algorithm revolves around a concept: to provide high quality search results for search engines, to provide a good search experience for the user. This is the essence of the white hat Shanghai dragon.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Panda algorithm in March when Google will pass the time I wrote raise a Babel of criticism of, an article "Google Panda algorithm to update the webmaster how to deal with the" presents itself for the Google Panda algorithm to understand and some simple advice, Panda algorithm in April 24th Google officially launched, which focuses on the need to be prepared in Shanghai white dragon do not use for search engines, vulnerability of the black hat Shanghai dragon, provide high value of rich content and user experience for the users, improve the quality and usability of the website, and make the website more attractive, more marketing. Of course, this algorithm update is mainly for an algorithm to adjust the spam sites, the purpose is to reduce the waste site, and to better recommend high quality content, to create a good user search experience.

page has been provided, but the real valued friend is not much, because we are concerned about some process means or methods, but did not analyze why to use this method, and a target with this method can achieve the task, as a result, we can do is to complete the task. For example, we all know that a website needs to know the original, the original is the best way to improve the quality of website content, but maybe there are some people in the original, but not many friends can really do the best with the original Shanghai dragon.

is Google web users click stream (Clickstream), the content of the page (page content) (link profiles) and link of the combination of the three calculation, this algorithm is that as long as the high quality website will outstanding performance in these three aspects, and in order to do this three outstanding performance the inevitable, we need to use more time to improve the quality of the site, and in the process of Shanghai white dragon is the most effective tool. How do you look at some specific ideas below me, perhaps to help you:

is a classic.

websiteThe quality of the

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