Analysis of diagnosis website right down

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm updates, many sites were affected, of course, the biggest impact is cheating super chain website. This it is very helpful to purify the Internet environment, but the green algorithms for many regular web site also affected. For example, our company website Fuzhou landscape decoration. The beginning is the keyword ranking dropped substantially, a few days after the site is down right. So why would be down right? What should we do?

in addition to the above aspects, there are many aspects need to pay attention to. For example, the site where the space is normal. You can view the space in the other site is normal, excluding space problems, and the punishment.

is the last love Shanghai update, always pay attention to the latest search engines love Shanghai. When the site problem without loss. Love Shanghai algorithm leads to a lot of normal site Scindapsus aureus have also been affected, if the site is operating regular, extraordinary first love Shanghai complaints complaints center. The new complaint center address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback love Shanghai in recent times the algorithm upgrade, there are a few sites are accidental injury, and restore the original search performance through complaints, complaints need to pay attention to is the description of the problem with the best pictures more persuasive. Finally, hope that the webmaster friends operating specifications, website ranking stability, and jointly safeguard the Internet environment, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of cheating.

Since February 19, 2013,

Links. Outside the chain, see the chain chain growth, whether everything in good order and well arranged. Rather than increased suddenly greatly. Used improper means; snapshot, snapshot back indicating the site problems. Should be carefully observed; of course content, content is also very important, generally not illegal words are not much of a problem. It is good to avoid sensitive words.

The Then the second step is to check the

website and affected the right to be reduced to nothing more than their own reasons. So do the first step we need is to check their website. From the access speed, whether to change the code to have been several large-scale horse dark chain so as to check. Site access speed for the user experience is very important, this is a standard search engine of the website evaluation. So an access speed stable website is a good website. But many people don’t feel what changes to the code, in fact, a large-scale change code, search engine will think your site is new sites, so that the weight reduction before. Fuzhou landscape decoration of the website preliminary examination of these data are normal.

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