Shanghai Longfeng new station for space related problems brought by


as the saying goes: no excuses for failure, only to find a successful way. So I decided to figure out exactly where to flow to let me have this more than 30 dollars? I checked my only several IP through statistical tools. Because this is a new Taobao passenger line, I saw someone wrote in A5 and some stationmaster forum, new station before the content is not rich, the number of the chain must be controlled. I didn’t know right or wrong, but after all the elders suffer in the eyes. I still choose to believe. I’m just a tentative in love Shanghai Post Bar left in a small advertisement. But later analysis, that small advertising brings the amount of income.

my 3 months before the registration of the domain name, space is bought together. At that time in order to his practice first bought a 5 yuan / month for the novice, is a popular Z-BLOG. As the engineering background, I feel the program is not a big problem, soon the site debugging. My friend said, a good space for future Shanghai dragon ranking will have a great influence. So, I decided to buy a little space, find a better house for your first website. From Taobao bought a season to pay 90 of the 100M space, I began my journey off Taobao.

program is uploaded to the space, I started a website update. The guest choice is American Camel shoes as I promote the products, because the keywords choose American Camel shoes China website as the main, so chose both camel and relevant and relevant www.luotuochina贵族宝贝 and Chinese as domain name registration. I first read a lot of related knowledge about shoes, to enrich themselves. I started to write myself is, until now I still write myself. I always believe that a hard, a harvest. Although my website at IP is only 3, and 4, I did not intend to have income. But when inadvertently view Ali mother actually found in October 25th, is also the site for just 11 days, a miracle has an income of 32.48 yuan. I was overjoyed.

Taobao In October 14, 2011 the

have the money this thing as power, I flew to my new journey full of confidence. Daily update also feel very passionate. Time slowly November 4th love Shanghai included the home page. Maybe next time about 10 days is mid November, page 2 pages are also included. In November 11th when Taobao mall double eleven day was a Friday. Love Shanghai have pity on a collection of 43, suddenly in the page, my station also slowly embarked on a regular.

off for a long time, is to start from the novice. Before the guest, Shanghai dragon is utterly ignorant of. Just listen to a webmaster friends introduced slowly into the industry. The first lesson as guest Wangzhuan, I started feeling well.

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