Delete Sogou Sogou search drop down words and Related words explain the negative information recom


here to fill in the phone number, Sogou will quickly give you feedback messages, to tell the truth in the great search engine processing efficiency is very fast.


1, first in the address box to enter "贵族宝贝sogou贵族宝贝" into the Sogou search interface, then click on the bottom of the "feedback" as follows:


as the negative information of an enterprise will inevitably spread peer or user reputation, especially the popularity of the Internet in the case, the majority of users have increasingly focused on product experience, I also occasionally encountered this problem, related problems never involved in the negative suppression of this field, so the "lost little reptile" started to play their own advantages in the search, finally, hard work pays off, to organize a search engine drop-down word or delete negative information related words recommended strategy, this article introduces the Sogou search (Sogou), the subsequent "lost little reptile" will continue to give you the open. To everyone, every week is expected to.




6, next is the contact, fill in the verification code as shown below:


Note that the best

3, and then according to their own needs to choose corresponding to the delete option, this article mainly recommended for enterprise customers as below:

believe you after trying because of increased skill and excitement, I checked the Internet industry now delete a negative word is expensive, "lost small reptiles" can share the daily operation and maintenance personnel rarely used resources to everyone, but also want big >

2, click to enter the page select the corresponding tab as shown below:




all the information is complete, click the submit button to complete the application, the next step is to witness the miracle of the moment.

4, choice of the type, you fill in the search query, and then click the query button, select you want to delete the negative words (choose according to the keywords multiple choice of the type of frame will recommend the corresponding position as follows:

5, the next step is to fill out the corresponding qualification materials as shown in figure

statement is deleted for business users need to cover the official seal of the enterprise, due to the "lost small Crawler" practice, and soon reached the desired effect, so the friends need to delete the statement template can contact me Oh, I will send you e-mail < /p>

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