Shanghai Longfeng well station connections to improve the keywords ranking optimization

on the page of the spider crawl depth is limited, the website page to more easily to be included, click on the page from the home page depth is not more than 5 layers, then the breadcrumb navigation is very important, each page to set the corresponding breadcrumb navigation, reducing the depth of the page from the home page. Many webmaster accumulation keywords in the breadcrumb navigation, so do not recommend Adsense optimization, breadcrumb navigation is more for the user experience and a spider to grab the page, let the spider accumulation keywords will be considered cheating optimization.

it is the enterprise marketing type site, or personal site, site map website copyright information indispensable, improve the user but also for spiders better grab. The production site ZhengZhan sitemap, on the site at the bottom of the page, easy to find in-depth grasp of spider web. For some large content of the website, the website content structure more, cannot be enumerated in the map, can use classification information, using the CSS pattern, click more display list. Or is the map display, don’t put too much of each web page link to a page link to place 100.

Update algorithm

for the optimization of products marketing website for details of owners most likely to commit the direct use of the product image navigation, from the Shanghai dragon optimization perspective, the chain navigation is the best text navigation, spider clear navigation keywords, links to specific content pages. Even if the spider can identify the picture content, but the chain effect is far better than text navigation. Most of the time in order to have beautiful and Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you can use a double link below and placed the text navigation photo navigation.

three, the chain use text navigation

is the first site in the station optimization of website structure optimization, including optimization of physical link optimization, optimize the structure of the station station logical link, the physical link optimization need to web page on the root directory, the physical structure to form a flat. Or is provided with a plurality of channels in the root directory, and then set all the pages belonging to the channel in each channel, the formation of tree structure. About Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to do internal links, improve the keywords ranking, following to the webmaster share several points:

2013 love Shanghai search engine greatly, in order to establish a good Internet environment, to crack down on the low quality pages, garbage chain, upgrading of the 2 algorithm is to require Scindapsus webmaster to do outside the chain of high quality, in the construction of the chain of hard to find the time, whether the webmaster can change a way to do optimization. May I know the webmaster, do not do the chain, do the chain construction site, can improve the keywords ranking.

four, reasonable distribution of internal chain weight

two, breadcrumb navigation

, a site map

if the site chain construction is perfect, the link weights of the site should be evenly distributed, the general is home page weight >

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