Talk about my understanding of long tail keywords and long tail word advantage

I am engaged in the Shanghai dragon in 2010, when the first site is about NBA basketball, in the choice of keywords to the site did not consider the long term, that time also believes that as long as there is perseverance the index of tens of thousands of words make up what is not difficult, so when choosing keywords I basically is to use some very high index words, such as "NBA" and "NBA" video "Basketball" "NBA pictures" and so on, so the internal optimization of the website is a seamless heavenly robe on the line, started the optimization department long, go to the basketball forum posting, Post Bar post and so on, however a month later, the site has a great improvement, the site started trickling flow, every fifty or so, a careful analysis of it, the 50 of which 30 are flow Through the promotion in 20, the rest is through keyword search over, that is to say the web site keywords ranking, but when I checked that these flows are through the pages over, and we are some of the keywords to search the title of the page, such as the "2001 finals video" "outstanding basketball method" and "the 2008 All Star game" and so on, and these words are ranked in the home, I was surprised, not hard to do the optimization of the main keywords ranking, content title has been ranked, people really do not dare to believe.


first, the long tail word index is low, relatively easy to do rankings.

that’s probably when I began to understand the role of long tail keywords, began to be included in the key words I chose the site keywords key project, after these years of hard work, has continued to have a dozen stations, Shanghai Dragon technology is more mature, some optimization methods are also more and more understanding especially for the long tail keywords understand thoroughly, the author will share what are the benefits of long tail keywords

long tail keywords literally refers to those words keywords long, often is not only a word, but a descriptive phrase, such as "sprinkler price" and "sprinkler use" and so on, which is what we often say that the long tail key words, for those who just contact Shanghai dragon industry friends, often because they are not very understanding and to ignore the site long tail keywords, we do not know is not so, anyway, I didn’t care about the long tail keywords website.

long tail keywords words are more general search, fewer people, many owners will have the idea before I do that, even if the index is too low, it may not do what traffic, so it will be the long tail word as the key to treat, if we understand them this mentality, it is not difficult to that is more cost effective to do the long tail word ranking, we all know that the index and the difficulty of the ranking is proportional to, a conventional keyword for example 1000 of the index, so it is difficult to make up 1000, because for this word, as long as it is.

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