Taking the most effective path placed outside the chain of Secrets

blog chain. Here, one of the best ways —- blog sprocket, is to put a lot of own blog of the link, just like the Olympic rings, they get together, then one-way links to your ultimate goal to promote the site, but it is exhausting, need strong.

two, the chain. Links. Is similar to the content on your site "exchange, as between the two countries friendly to each other. But if the other site has more than 30 Links. Prove to give to your weight very little, so don’t exchange Links. Since it is Links, so friendship is very important. As everyone knows, the weight of link will according to this link existent time to calculate, so you need to exchange with each other to do something about communication, at least QQ add a friends, if friends others from your Links or other, do not cry to go. So I think when Links is best friends with a mind to do, only in the presence of long-term mutual benefit that can Links. As for the method, as we all know, join webmaster group, Links group, Shanghai Phoenix Group, such as the Shanghai dragon combat.

forum signature links. The signature chain chain and post, the effect is the same. Don’t silly have not signed, not to go to the post to stay outside the chain, to touch the provisions. Many forums can signature links, operation is as follows: click on the right person center angle – Edit Profile: personal data. This is a relatively easy way of the chain in the forum, but you have to quickly put on the fly general feeling, the best of XTEP to the front pages to late, there may be no food to eat.

‘s swing path most the most effective external chain secret in the cheating era, there is always survival tips too much makes us feel awful. Gao Shuaifu’s men always get the favour of beauty, white Formica woman will always be handsome worship. We are not rich handsome nor white Formica, we are Shanghai dragon ER, the most powerful weapon is the chain we get popular, so we must understand the secrets of the chain, understand the chain of secrets, can beat gaoshuai rich and white formica. This paper from the following several parts to comprehensively expounds the related knowledge of the chain: the chain definition and its importance, methods of the chain, the chain is the most simple and effective method, the chain notes.

The The commonly used method of

, a chain definition and its importance. Only anchor text or hyperlinks can be called the chain. And if single stranded, namely single target station point to your site. As for the importance of website ranking within the chain chain + =. It’s like if you own condition is not good enough, four or five meters tall, primary school diploma, rural household, not rich handsome than white Formica, you can only go through the streets, dressed like Fan Bingbing or Sister Lotus, so people will pay attention to you, pay attention to you much, the popularity of the natural will go up, website ranking reason vice versa.

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