Shanghai Longfeng every day to do what you are doing

, 1, the chain that is certainly essential (in fact, the two is the most difficult, what kind of article? What kind of the chain can drive the two rankings? You need to constantly sum up thinking),


mining 2, daily value (the long tail word);

6, how to improve the level of their own, to Shanghai dragon WHY often go; these things enough you busy;

recently, I saw a quiz website inside, there is a very interesting question is, "as the Shanghai dragon you every day to do what work? I’ll own simple talk, I just started to learn Shanghai dragon every day doing what work; I remember very clearly, turn on the computer every day the first thing is to look at the collection of my site, change the weight of the website and the page. Then, I will go to see the website which dead links and so on, these up to now feel very boring; feel have no fun. But learning a period of Shanghai dragon, I began to pay attention to the overall optimization of a website now; not every day to love Shanghai included and ranking, all in all, at least not so diligent.


Jiang wing talk: what do you do? In fact, there are many things you can do:

Zhang Wenlong: I work in Shanghai Longfeng two stages! Is a 2 years ago at this stage and I only like patterns but I seem superficial some two years ago! I just contacted the electronic commerce, contact SEM, that I was a rookie, but have the same Lu and Zhao Xi’s experience, graduated from the hotel management professional, but want to start your own business, but due to the lack of funds, after a friend introduced to a tourist site, do the B2B/B2C e-commerce platform, the development of electronic commerce is an upward trend! I only remember that time I witnessed the rise and fall of group purchase industry, millet, Taobao birth events, light blog’s birth, the birth of WeChat search market, kill! I remember the words: "let love Ma Shanghai can’t sleep sleep" in fact I believe Because, I believe Ma for this sentence will rewrite China network era of the situation, I know at the beginning of that era, Shanghai dragon, in his find information on the web, then know Shanghai dragon why, look for some information in the above, I focus on the analysis of the long tail word, long tail word all day. Collect customer search records, love Shanghai drop-down box. Recommended to use Wangpu travel agency, at that time my whole.

analysis of website (oneself and competitor), the data flow structure, operation method and so on;

is not 3, micro-blog, WeChat, can be studied under mail marketing;

4, how the existing on the basis of an additional flow (method of operation right, the website column is reasonable);

finally, sometimes more important than technology strategy.

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