Rich enterprise website promotion way micro blog to make the website more wonderful

what is the old growth on micro-blog, micro-blog’s role here Xiaobian no more comments, simply look at sina, micro-blog is divided into three kinds of users, a user is not verified, a user authentication is personal, another is the enterprise user authentication. Behind the micro-blog name of a blue "V", to prove that this is the micro-blog enterprise certification. We must carry on the enterprise website promotion of micro-blog, micro-blog is the first enterprise to carry out certification.



1, added concern. Every new micro-blog established in the early 0, are 0 fans attention, China saying "there must have, want more fans, the first thing to do is to take care of others. For example, more than the wine industry of micro-blog, we can focus on peer companies, micro-blog, micro-blog and other industry expert. They are also the key point we guide users to find micro-blog.

set people, the most important is the promotion of micro-blog in micro-blog’s operation. An enterprise of micro-blog, US / Loudi real estate network (贵族宝贝ldfdc贵族宝贝) need to do is:

to the next point, related video profiles can join us to promote the enterprise website, so that more users to view, give users leave a better impression to guide users to micro-blog, we love our website, our company products, etc..

map information, company profile, contact must also be perfect and filled, if users love our products completely, you can come to us for consultation and investigation by micro-blog above contact. The contact time for users to find, let users feel more of our company website, micro-blog delicate and considerate, so as to provide convenience for the image of the company.



is the first to determine their own business icon picture, which is convenient to the user experience, in addition, the head of the right to add a link with pictures, usually need to enterprise products or some associated with the enterprise, can attract the user’s picture on the top, then add links, guide our corporate website.


more and more people to join the family of micro-blog, especially Sina micro-blog, can be said to be a king of the world today micro-blog firmly. So many people in the use of micro-blog, which gave us Shanghai, a good source of inspiration — micro-blog promotion. The most common should now micro-blog promotion promotion is Taobao store, but I have to say, micro-blog promotion is also suitable for enterprise website.





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