Three ways to obtain the high quality of the chain in Shanghai Dragon

, a weight high website released soft


have to say, now love Shanghai more fancy Links this, good correlation Links plays a great role, but many people do not know how to exchange Links, some is in turn Links >

two, industry platform release product information chain

now whether you run any type of enterprise website, and you always have some related industry website platform, such as Alibaba, from the B2B platform, there are some classified information platform and so on, as long as you can always explore seriously collected. Some industry platform allows you to publish product information with links, so you can rest assured to do, but there is need to review, this platform, you can not write the link in the product information pages, but to write on the web site in the contact, this is also useful. There are some classified information platform is to charge membership fees, membership every day can limit the release of information, free membership only one day issued a message, how to do? We can register some number, a number one, then you have 100 numbers, one day is 100 a? So, as long as willing to think, think, can always get outside of the chain.

website of Shanghai dragon after all cannot do without the link, either inside or outside the chain chain is very important, especially for the love of Shanghai, the high quality of the chain of keywords ranking role is not to be underestimated. But the chain in every day to talk about access to I have not used, such as forums, blog that not much effect. I will do in the process of Shanghai dragon in the acquisition method of the chain is also I often use are summarized as follows, want to know how to obtain the high quality of the chain to help a friend.

every time I write Shanghai Longfeng articles will mention this soft role in Shanghai Longfeng in very large, the key is to have a strong executive power, to write a soft, I think it is no problem every day, as long as not too lazy. I here said the weight high website not only refers to the owners of such sites such as A5, but see you write the article type, if it is it type, it can be put into the A5, if your product or service type, it can be local to you and write soft related websites. I had a scrap metal recycling site szliqiang贵族宝贝, took up the chain, really poor, but I don’t have to, what Post Bar forum where the hair of the chain, only in the A5 wrote a two article, a week later, the metal waste discharged into the word love Shanghai second pages, I have to say that the weight of A5 is very high. At the same time, I also firmly to write soft targets in A5, and no matter what I do, any optimization of enterprise website, will stick to cast an article to A5 every day, gradually form a habit, natural to think of the chain, the first is soft, this is a good phenomenon.

three, and keywords ranking good site exchange links

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