The owners believe what a love Shanghai weight value

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love Shanghai never provided a website weight information data and external query service. Third party Webmaster Tools data is not love Shanghai official data, does not represent the real situation of the website, love Shanghai on the use of such data and cause problems without any responsibility. Please do not take these webmaster "love Shanghai weight" as a true value to reference value.


on the link, encountered a small case love Shanghai weight list. These days to find some related website Links, a webmaster in exchange links and talk to me, asked me to love Shanghai weight must be more than 2, I love I love station query tool website Shanghai weight is 2 screenshots for weight value.

then I sweat, why I check the weight is 2? They check the weight of 1? With this question, I asked him, he replied: "they weight value is in accordance with the requirements of the website link Webmaster Tools query, and your website weight value of 2 is also from the webmaster tools query, so we can not exchange link".

personal point of view, we welcome criticism of


simply say love Shanghai weight, for the site keywords in the natural search results ranking, and is expected to bring traffic ranking website, grade N, 0 to 10 of the third party website (webmaster tools, such as love and popularity evaluation data query tool).


and webmasters to discuss issues with "love Shanghai weight" is the invention of each web site have increased their weight query tool, that is to say with a web site, check the "love Shanghai weight" in different query site, one of two things, one is weight value, another is the emergence of the weight values are not the same. So if you want to exchange Links, Shanghai love weights, the webmaster should believe what a love Shanghai weight value of

love Shanghai official invented "love Shanghai" the weight of the

with love in search of Shanghai soared in the domestic market share, accounting for Chinese search engine operators market share of 78.6%, this situation also affected the many webmaster, such as webmaster before doing Links, the judgment standard is nothing more than the Google PR, fell in love with the sea, the number of factors included love Shanghai snapshots of these aspects. Now added a non official concept of "love Shanghai love Shanghai weight value.

website to link to each other, to contact each other and the chain, the accident, the station said: "the weight of your site is 1, can exchange links, the weight is 1 shots.

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