How to analyze the noble baby Analytics search engine traffic trends


Shanghai dragon or is the webmaster, we usually want to see a lot of data, such as: PV, UV, IP etc., today we focus on the data source of traffic IP. Traffic sources are mainly three types: introduction, direct, search engine. Different sites, these three types of flow ratio are not the same, when the third source of traffic has a higher proportion of traffic types or accounted for the majority, we can say that this site is mainly dependent on this type of traffic. But for some CMS content sites, typically, search engine traffic ratio will surely, be very dangerous, because once the Shanghai dragon problems or search engine adjustment algorithm, the total flow will appear very large. From the overall operation of the website, we hope that the various forms of traffic sources is equal, gradually reduce the proportion of search engine traffic, more referral sources entrance, and maintain a good proportion of new and old users. So if one of the antecedents of traffic sources appear large fluctuations, the site will not be affected too much


general, direct search engine traffic flow ratio is the highest, search traffic and referral traffic is relatively low. Relative to this case, we can think of the overall operation of the website or the need to continue to improve.

set up a custom report, and then click on the newly created custom reports, according to the ascending order to date.

in the actual operation and analysis, we can generate different forms according to their own needs, the different dimensions of the data table, data analysis strategy, in order to better

then we specifically said, how to analyze the noble baby Analytics search engine traffic trends. We assume that the site has been in operation for 1, 2, 3 and three months, if we want to know the search engine changes the proportion of traffic, first need to select the date of January, see overview report under the traffic sources, write down the percentage, then the same method to see also the case for 2 months.


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we also can create a custom report, according to the date dimension, select access number as an index to analysis of 1, 2, 3 and three months of search engine traffic changes.

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