Love Shanghai web site included the real reason of the low and high

Pay special attention to the web page The

love weight and more attention to brand

4. new sites included requires sustained stimulation of


love Shanghai or noble baby home is an important parameter for evaluation of a website, for general regularly updated website, Shanghai love the home on the patronage rate is very high, can reach every snapshot and the front page article seconds is not difficult.

Calculation formula of

to update a small amount of sites, such as the Shanghai dragon blog, there will be difference. Efforts to update the blog is generally not strong, may one day a few days or a high weight blog posted immediately after the noble baby included, the refresh rate is very fast, even if the weight is not high, the use of Ping mechanism, also can let the baby noble seconds. Love Shanghai in this aspect is just passable, as can be seen from the analysis of Web log, love Shanghai usually overnight will release the update, included speed is very slow. In addition, the search under the title of the article, love Shanghai is usually the result of the front page or directory page and the article page rarely. Love Shanghai more attention to web page content.

love Shanghai included fluctuated, indicating that the site contains articles placed included after the evaluation period, don’t release or included after the revocation. We do not have such a law on their website, see some weight high blog can. Shanghai dragon search blog, find a few observation on the blog ranking, you can find. In two weeks of the article, which is about half a month, love Shanghai in search of the title of the article, there are more or less content portal, covering keywords, and noble baby search, basic can get the content of the real. But more than two weeks of the article, the result is really love Shanghai content. Therefore, love Shanghai has the assessment period of the article, we can learn more about your site included changes.

see someone in Shanghai and analysis of noble baby love website included the difference that the webmaster have experience, is the most intuitive web directory for nobility baby dig deeper included faster, and feel it hard to love Shanghai feed, must also take indexed pages as far as possible on the key the location, such as home. Today focuses on the characteristics of Shanghai included in the love.

2. page assessment period is usually two weeks

3. Shanghai

Let love Shanghai included new >

PR most are familiar with Shanghai dragon Er, mainly through the reverse link transfer to the weight to calculate. Every day to keep the chain a certain amount of updates, have a good performance in the noble baby will. Love Shanghai in this area, usually on the portal and its products are given a higher weight, to see some of the gov website, the reverse link is very few, but have a high ranking, in some irrelevant articles on the page can also row at home.


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