Love Shanghai 2 on the line after the green railway station how to make Shanghai Longfeng

used in the blog to share some of their own experiences in Shanghai Longfeng, today Shanghai Scindapsus 2 love line, see a little difficult optimization feeling many webmaster friends, so I’ll share some of their own experience of Shanghai dragon.

Because many new concepts in In fact,

, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion, network promotion is Shanghai dragon, so what is the impact of the new policy once the Shanghai dragon appeared, the industry will There were many discussions. Although mouchangqing is writing network promotion blog, but about Shanghai dragon is not too much, because I always think I am doing network promotion, rather than professional Shanghai dragon. There are a lot of network promotion techniques, such as soft Wen promotion, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing promotion, Shanghai dragon is not the only way.

is the three steps, contact Shanghai Longfeng people understand, but there are some different in some details of the operation. The on-line love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, the main effect is third steps, increase the chain to the site. First of all we want, why love Shanghai on-line why when Scindapsus algorithm, Scindapsus 1, on sale outside the chain, and in 2 the pressure of the soft chain scindapsus. Love is not Shanghai hope, everyone through a simple, extreme violence, do not pay attention to the chain means the user experience, put a new website ranking quickly make up, so as to reduce the use of search engine user experience, search words, row in front of the are some new website user experience poor or even false website.

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such as their recently done

had to share, I do Shanghai dragon is very simple, it is a few simple steps. 1: the first analysis of the long tail keywords to optimize the website, which words to optimize. The competition is not particularly large, but pick out the search volume and the value of the word. 2: is the website at title to optimize the position description and so on, cleverly put in, but will not let people feel that is deliberately want to optimize these words. In order to optimize not many words, write Title long. 3: the final step is to make the chain of high quality.

so this premise, only the 1 and 2 algorithm Scindapsus Scindapsus has released. I have been advocating, in the friendly user experience on the premise of Shanghai Longfeng, especially a new website is to slow. Because of this, I have not done the related services of Shanghai dragon, often have the webmaster email me or micro-blog private letter, asked me if I could help them do the website of Shanghai dragon, I have been refused, because I think a new website, want to quickly do rankings are not very honest, even if just do it, will soon come down. So far, I used to do only Shanghai Longfeng site, although the effect is slow, but with the passage of time, always want to achieve the ultimate effect of Shanghai dragon. Do your site will be Shanghai dragon, urging me to immediately see the effect.

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