Method of website to obtain the original article



1. digital library. We all know that the digital library inside the book is the PDF document, the contents of books can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, that is to say we can see the contents of the books, but can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, so that as long as the digital library in the content conversion to our website like it. Is an original article (the premise is that this article has not been other people). Of course, we all know that the PDF document is not copy and paste, if necessary will waste a lot of time we Yiziyizi hit, this time we need to use the tool PDF document converter, after the conversion of the individual as long as the wrong words and punctuation errors to modify, and then copy and paste is an original article. Here is to recommend a good digital library: superstar library. The use of this method for 5 minutes to organize a good article can still, relatively high efficiency.

2. pictures. The ideas and methods of digital methods actually obtained from the original content in the picture library had little difference, as everyone knows, the picture of the text and other information is not to be loved and grab the recognition of Shanghai and other search engines, as long as you find is consistent with the theme of the picture, and the picture contains text, then you can use the PDF document converter, the picture of the text into web content will also be a good original article. For example: your site is to make products such as relevant website, then you can find the relevant products from Jingdong, Taobao and other web site information, if there are a lot of pictures of this product introduction, there is a text and pictures, you can get a good original content from the content of these pictures. A consistent method and method of obtaining from the original content of digital library.



3. from the website to obtain original content. In fact, this method is already a long talk, a lot of people should be very clear, access to relevant content from the website, now there are many online translation software, obtained from foreign language website content through translation, which is not fluent and unreasonable statement to modify the translation software (after all, it is not perfect), copy and paste after forming a high quality of the original article.

original content source:

with the recent love Shanghai update frequently, the importance of website optimization is also more emphasis on high quality content and therefore, obtain the original quality content is very important, so we need to do to more easily obtain original content? Which has a knack for what, today Xiamen Shanghai dragon teach you a a convenient and practical method.

PDF document converter (function: to convert the PDF document as a Notepad document, so that it can copy and paste).

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