Reason analysis and solving measures of the site right down to a large collection of

4, web page included only home page: just under the deep depth of this one page.

3, spam links

In fact, these

3, website keywords ranking drop: original website keyword ranking dropped.


save money, bought some informal space to build the site, causing the site often not open or open very slowly, so the space due to the unstable site is down right is also the case of many.

All of the page

website right down

this method the effect is obvious, as long as you change.

2, web page included substantial reduction: the site is included in the page to reduce a lot of.

site right down

? !


The characteristics of

site is down right this problem is so owners are concerned about the problem, there is a saying: there’s a reason for everything. Li Yong believes Shanghai Longfeng site is down right there is definitely what causes, not good website search engine drop right, just a lot of buddies on the search engine rules may not quite understand, so when the Shanghai dragon website optimization will produce some blind spots. Today I let Li Yong as we spread this knowledge

5, frequently modify site title

common station black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization is generally within the site chain optimization, keyword stuffing, the excessive internal chain too much, of course, like the 301 jump cheating also belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon phenomenon, although this method can get ranked in the short term, but once found will be strictly punished!

, 1 space quality problemsFor the sake of cheap

spam links in the beginning is a part of the effect, that is to say there will be a part of the dedication, but was later found after the search engine will not only remove the garbage outside the chain of the weight, but also may double net weight, can be said to be The loss outweighs the gain.. The garbage outside the chain is not very understanding the buddy suggest you see this article: Shanghai dragon Encyclopedia: what is the website of the garbage chain

2, buy links


5, website: completely disappeared in the search engine completely disappeared.

4, the use of black hat Shanghai dragon

as long as the purchase of the website link, whether it is black chain or chain Ming are likely to be found and then give drop right processing, don’t think the search engine is silly B, these tricks have been through search engines, it is best not to hold a heart, once found will be punished, so sincerely advise Li Yong to buy link buddies and buy and treasure

1, site or domain domain, no home in the first place.

Cause analysis of

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