Stability is an important influence on stability of Shanghai gold experience website optimization of

Two, The chain

, a stable web content update

site outside the chain is stable and normal


is one of the main contents of love Shanghai decided according to the website search rankings and the weight, quality of the original or false original content for quick access to love Shanghai favor, let site quickly increase weight and ranking effect. For the website snapshot update, continuously updated every day, especially high quality content particularly, and have a negative impact on the site is bad. I had a personal experience because the updated website content did not last, love Shanghai to reduce the number of web crawling spiders patronize, resulting in more and more low frequency crawling, first stop snapshot update content increase included, while ranking also will continue to back, very big. After I began to pay attention to this problem, a number of pseudo original content, pay attention to daily fixed centralized updates in most of the Shanghai spiders love time, keep the amount of increase law, after a week or so to finally make snapshots, rankings included and gradually improved, so I could not help feeling the love of Shanghai algorithm maybe there is a "stability" rule.

although the love Shanghai algorithm with noble baby than in technology is still not a small gap, but often change plus artificial intervention often makes the owners feel puzzled, for the website snapshot, included and ranking often changes are often hold "passive mentality close to heaven". However, as the Chinese search field of "big brother", love Shanghai determines the main flow of our site to a certain extent, so we can not tolerate the slightest careless treatment, so as a webmaster I often have to study Sony Ericsson touch Shanghai algorithm rules, since the total is small experience, can do "panic" the.

overall, love is not long for Shanghai will separate the algorithm change, over a longer period of time will be adjusted greatly to the algorithm, which often bring obvious effect to the site, which is mainly reflected in the website rankings and included, usually also through the website of the fast light reflected. To do regular station to win customers and to love Shanghai webmaster, I have personal experience in this aspect, it is the site of the stability for the tremendous impact of love Shanghai optimization. The website of "stability" is divided into several aspects, not just a website space or not, today with you on this topic to discuss and share.

site is in addition to content for weight, rankings and included another factor affecting the largest chain, including the site of the Links and released on a variety of platforms of hyperlink resources, this is the love of Shanghai and noble baby such a search engine in the assessment of the influence of the site, the elements of the often give appropriate weight on. As for the condition of the chain to maintain the stability of the principle, one refers to Links, friends of the chain in order to maintain a stable growth, after reaching a certain amount is not restricted to expansion, or on the website of the benefits of the small, in addition to concern a chain are included and fast >

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