The article collected today gone tomorrow how to deal with BD’s aunt

this was done to allow BD to change the station included habit, before the author is around 9 in the morning every day to update the article, disappeared at night when the query, or second days site only home. Now I will update the time to adjust to the afternoon, from time to time to update the article, this time BD will also change the mode included. After changing the habit of great possibility is included on the day second days is not deleted, but there may be published articles not all be included in the. Reflect this process takes only 1-3 days to fix BD collected and delete problems according to users’ experience.

two, change the update time, disrupt the love Shanghai radio frequency;

you can use a variety of ways such as increased steadily in the chain, chain, chain exchange and love Shanghai snapshot of the new site, but don’t increase the chain, or is likely to be Baidu considered cheating.

On the afternoon of 14

site every day to the site, the strange thing is site at different time. The total is not the same. The biggest problem is just the update can be instantaneous, but at night or second days again site, found that the collection of articles disappeared again. Baidu such behavior has become a habit, repeatedly, let the owners encounter such problems cannot fathom Baidu mind. Although usually Baidu occasionally convulsions, which included, outside the chain, keyword ranking to a small fluctuation, but under normal circumstances, after a period of recovery. But this "collected today gone tomorrow" situation appeared almost half a month, really confusing. Arguably the site has been the assessment period, the weight is also slightly up, how can be found online BD aunt? There are a lot of people encountered the same problem, according to the views of most people reflect that weight is not high and the quality of site content. The reflection, the weight is not high, but the quality is absolutely no problem, not to be BD this play.

15 in the morning, 14 evening when the query included has dropped to 1 in the. Problems must try to solve, but also included is very important to the website, for this phenomenon, how to deal with

two, a modest increase in the chain, attract spider to your site;

The 9 point query of

the quality is always love Shanghai and not included the assessment criteria, the author of the article is through the pseudo original, when taking into account the content repetition, especially modified, in the quality of this problem will not be great. But some owners have the same problem, you can check your paper quality. Shanghai dragon from the point of view, the importance can not be underestimated, it can be said to be the cornerstone of successful optimization.

, to improve the quality, adhere to the depth of the pseudo original;


5 point query data as follows:

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