Shanghai Longfeng novice how to send the chain format text


second is my website

today, my website for almost five months, began to contact the Shanghai dragon and not too high expectations, anyway idle is idle, do a play station, the first female bag website so I, so on-line. I have not participated in the training system of Shanghai dragon, all knowledge is taught, but really difficult, Shanghai dragon is not in Shanghai Longfeng itself, site, content, outside the chain of these basic work and don’t believe how long you can learn, but in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, there are a lot of things alone the experience of others is not enough, especially now soft everywhere, a lot of people do not have through their own practice, in order to make a soft Wen aimless code, but also some pseudo science on the inside, it will be a big misleading, for the novice, for example, there is a saying in Shanghai Dragon circles, "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, how many people really understand.


actually started my chain the maximum time is 6000+, is how it is in the webmaster forums, most of them are plain text, because many webmaster forums are not to anchor text,

I know a netizen, two of our website had little difference, his than my morning line for about a month, I go to the record, his foreign space, I give you two figure:

is, he does not go to the hair of the chain, I often send, but after three months after our website has been ranking, I was depressed, not much difference between his ranking with my ranking, and we update frequency is basically the same, every day a original article, this shows that a problem in the case of similar quality content, I so much the chain didn’t work, but I want to say is "the chain for emperor" this sentence is not wrong, turn on

I often see a lot of people’s forum advertising into it, you can see at the beginning of the HTTP. In which, there are a lot of the website appeared in reply, did you think you do what is useful, the chain for the emperor of this sentence a misleading role where is it, will make a lot of people in the pursuit of quantity, while ignoring the matter, what kind of effective outside chain, a lot of people go blind, don’t consider this problem, the chain I was entangled in what format is effective, has seen many posts, but basically the reply is to copy and paste the Encyclopedia for the "chain" definition, but also for the pure text of the chain also said the more obscure, and did not say, but in my experience, I think the chain anchor text or hyperlinks to To be useful, the text is useless.

is the first site map is a friend, look at the number of the chain is 11


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