A brief summary of recent changes in Baidu

2: now Baidu on the website ranking area.

3: now Baidu drop-down list box of human search habits. Each computer search habits were recorded, each person will search keywords to the drop-down list box in the front row of some. But the ranking rules and hope that we carefully observe changes.

(3): click on the location of the IP website ranking area.

6: now Baidu through different browsers, their ranking is not the same.

9: now Baidu increase on the website of the old domain name and website content review. General new sites to get good rankings in the months before, unless the old domain name. At the same time on the website as long standing rankings and content have included the optimization of the right.

1: now Baidu on the website www and not www their weight are not like, built with 301 or the chain to the same domain.

7: now Baidu ranking will take the content of the website as the title of the site ranking. Mainly through the website next to the beginning of the two paragraph of content and search keyword ranking as the title of the content. This must be careful observation can be found at Baidu is not particularly obvious.

(2): site title, keywords, description and the same volume of regional rankings.

8: now Baidu on their own sites were ranked adjustment. Mainly Baidu will be placed in the home and in the debug keyword cable which columns are. At present, Baidu has its own channel dozens, but some still in constant adjustment, mainly for search and user experience. This is the so-called box algorithm.

5: now through Baidu search out the key contents of the list, but also in accordance with the amount of clicking habits from top to bottom are arranged, but is not that obvious. To be careful observation.

10: at the present stage of Baidu news

Internet marketing is more and more difficult, unless you have too much money for advertising. Before now make a website and what not easy, now need more manpower, material and financial resources to support the. No matter how hard we in life in order to have to think of more ways to make up the website. The 7 camel network according to their own recent observation on baidu. Analysis of the basic change in the case of Baidu:

(1): ranked server address corresponding areas of the site.

4: now Baidu the search out of the menu bar is artificial search habits. Each computer search habits were recorded. Each person search keywords will row to the left, from left to right and is in accordance with the order from top to bottom.

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