Different thinking sites included less than the increase is more favorable

a site in each life cycle, the death is that we often can see.

do not know if you have not seen the optimization guide to love Shanghai, if so, I believe that you will know the guidelines clearly marked a page when there are other different URL links, search engine spiders will be selected as a primary standard, and the other the same page of the URL link responsibility it will be included, but these repeated indexed pages for search engines are not friendly, even let the search engine that are cheating on your website. Of course, this is also a lot of problems, for example, say we can then repeat shielding address URL using robots files, do not let it tell the spider crawling, can also use the form of the jump jump URL series to set their own page can be.

for a web site, in the choice of search engine optimization and user experience based on the issue, often face a difficult choice, so this time how to resolve these conflicts is very important. But for a quality web page, users and spiders have different evaluation criteria, so this time we go to some appropriate shielding for the search engine is not very friendly page for a web site after the development is very necessary, and this is something we in the development of the site will be often encountered, for example, I want to open a forum user to communicate to the www.name2012贵族宝贝, but there will be a lot of advertisers here to release some useless ads, these ads and the quality is very low, so this time will be a convenient user communication and will not affect the web site in the search engine the weight, we are very necessary to put these plates on page shielding, don’t let the spider to grab, so that you can do to the best of both worlds.

(a) to reduce the number of repeat site included page.

(three) dead links exist in the web shield.

to a website, webmasters are included is better, especially when standing in the early days, many owners have included the other site as a site quality evaluation standard, a high collection of Web sites usually have a search engine favorite website. In many cases, especially when the love of Shanghai update, we will find that these included and not stable, often appear to change radically the situation, leading to serious website weight is not stable, and the cause of this problem is also due to the existence of a large number of low quality web pages so, in small series we can not with the amount included in the site also determine the site’s health status, and appropriate to reduce the number of low quality pages included in the site is actually more favorable for survival and development of the website.

(two) shielding some of the search engine friendly page.

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