From the Association Committee of the news article on Shanghai Longfeng soft quality requirements

today to see the news, journalists network news reports here have to have a clearly defined "to eliminate false reports, enhance social responsibility, strengthen the construction of occupation moral news". From here has some experience and inspiration to Shanghai dragon marketing side, may all teachers and friends understand the strength and effect of Shanghai Longfeng marketing, so how should we marketing? Especially for soft Wen creation, here in Yangzhou Shanghai dragon has some experience.

3, the original article creation content view: the contents of our original articles of the soul, if news articles, there is a corresponding requirement, objective, and close to the society "; if it is technical articles, also can have a" technical content, readability, value". The content of the article is the quality we should pay attention to where the entries clear, content of illustrations, of course if you can do a crackling, and it is better to discuss. But the content must meet the reading, we only well expressed our view of the article, the reader will meet the requirements to maximize the benefits.

two, the original article reference finishing

1, a reasonable reference to do the ISM: creation is to reference, but we should reasonable reference, according to their own situation to read reference article. Combined with the technical direction of their own, do a reasonable reference, is to promote the development of our technology, the.

1, original soft Wen creation objective values: a clear objective is to write essays on our souls, but our original soft, not only to take care of their own interests, or to consider the interests of readers. The original value to have multiple reflect "social value and community value, the value of technology". Considering the social values is a major direction of our original articles, the reader must technology we essays, then there will be more people to read our article, which also reflects the social value. Only take care of the interests of various stakeholders we will play to do more, so people think the original article must have "innovation, technology innovation".

, the original soft value creation

guide 2, the original creation of soft concept: we do original orientation is the purpose of the paper, take care of the interests of various stakeholders, considering our own interests is oriented, so we guide the original articles should be clear "soft import". So when we write the content of the article is to consider his way of speaking, a Bonzi killed a group of people; talk to pay attention to your discretion, to be low-key, so writing. As the 80 after we should have experience deeper, for example, a lot of people comment on our 80 of people "decadent generation", the "Beat Generation" point of view, but when Wenchuan earthquake, when the Beijing Olympic Games, our generation with practical action like that most people in our society after 80 is responsible, is able to bear, is to respect the society, environmental protection.

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