The search engine makes self generation actually your Q low than expected

researchers warned, searching information on the web makes people have miscalculated their IQ, this will cause people in the decision of overconfidence.

at the same time, the popularity of smart mobile phone also exacerbates the problem, because the network search becomes so easy to reach. Fisher says the Internet makes people for "you know" and "what you think you know what the boundaries between blur. The decision making effect on people is very large, so to make people more aware of their level of knowledge is very important. Although the benefits of the Internet is very much, but the side effects of the hidden is far more than this point. Make people accurate understanding of their knowledge level is very difficult, but the Internet makes matters more difficult. (Bing Han


Yale University psychology Dr. Matthew Fisher said, "the network is so powerful, you can search for any problems in the network, as long as the fingertips can get all the knowledge. These external resources are easy to make you have a wrong understanding of the knowledge of their own. When people can only rely on their own, often have the wrong understanding of their knowledge, tend to ignore their own the dependence network."

Frank Keil said the study confirmed that the network search will bring a strong psychological hint, that he is more knowledgeable, even if they can’t search the correct answer is still so.

research shows that those who search for information on the network of volunteers and those by reading books or with the exchange of scholars to acquire knowledge compared to volunteers that they have more knowledge, more flexible mind.

NetEase Francisco April 3rd message, according to foreign media reports, a psychologist at the Yale University, said that the popular search engine makes people mistakenly think himself clever than the actual. Psychologists at the Yale University found that, such as Google or YAHOO search engines that makes people think they are more intelligent than the actual people, because as long as the fingertips will grasp the knowledge of the world.

A psychology professor at the Yale University

more than 1000 students participated in this study. In the course of the study, the researchers for this problem is how to work the zipper, provides a link to the network contains the answer web search group, and control group of volunteers is provided with the same information to answer a print out. After that, when the volunteers were asked to complete a not related to other issues, network search group thinks he is more knowledgeable, although they do not know the right answer.


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