The user experience is never out of date the Shanghai dragon secret

four, do regular station regular station

, do stand as do everyone do well site is not likely to do

do dumpster era has gone, we don’t want to rely on garbage station to obtain a point of advertising revenue, Google has made it clear that if the garbage station on the Google ads, Google will close the account, the Internet user experience era has come, if you are not aware of the importance of user experience, then you it is best not to do, because there is no user experience.

with the rapid development of the Internet, now more and more websites and search engines to the user experience as the center to carry out construction, it can be said that a good site without a good user experience, there is no development of the premise, the Internet is filled with the human can not read the garbage station, this is browsing and the search engine first needs to eliminate the website, if the webmaster didn’t realize user experience in the construction site of the status of his website even if there is no good traffic and ranking will not develop for a long time.


a lot of people in the Shanghai dragon, but I think most in fact have misinterpreted the true Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a search engine can help find their own website, but now more than 98% of the sites are put into the Shanghai dragon search engine spam, in the end, the harm is not only in yourself! And I will come to share the two years I in the business website in the process of experience to do stand experience! I hope you can help

the user experience as a top priority in the

Two, we should

as the saying goes, deceive others, will eventually be deceived by others, each love Shanghai update, the webmaster of a panic, and this is a strange phenomenon caused by bad faith, the first is the webmaster cheat love Shanghai earlier, after the love of Shanghai anti fraud in the Internet, a serious lack of sincerity, not only browse they have no access to useful information, also can let the webmaster and search engine providers also waste a lot of manpower, material and energy! It can be said that up by Shanghai dragon website, one day will come down, so, why not go the regular Shanghai dragon path, not to cheat to rush into danger in fact! Such as man, a man without faith, his website will like him in Shanghai where love leave a bad reputation, for a long time, Shanghai will love you as not the integrity of the site, then your site Never recovers the.

three, the store site is to ignore the user experience inevitably die


site can be likened to a store, the flow is equivalent to the customer, the ranking is equivalent to sections, no matter how high you flow, the ranking is good, if a customer enters your shop, is full of garbage, I think he will press the close button in the first seconds, and the next time, he see your site name, domain name can hide far, therefore, what about the website transformation! If there is no user experience, you of the chain do more, better, the flow in the high, also is all in vain!

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