The website of three essential goods JS code function


share a key code


An analysis of

, a statistical code

second JS code — share a key code. Now the Internet is advocating open and transparent. If you still think that possession will eventually be eliminated. The current mainstream JiaThis, Passit share a key code, the JS code by calling the data to the web site, and then by calling the content of the website in the form of links forwarded to other websites, so that users can share links to your site, so as to improve the site traffic. And put on the website allows users to share their love of content to friends and colleagues to share code, allowing users to pursue stationmaster spontaneous promotion website is not to such effect? So, increase traffic, attract more users and increase the popularity of the website, a key share code must be installed to the site, but also because the search engine to share code is also regarded as friendly relations, so do not worry because the share code is JS format and will affect the site optimization, in turn, a large number of users share code reproduced website content, website only for good reasons, you know. So, share a key code in the current era do stand, must be installed, the effect will be greatly.


data not webmaster is not a qualified webmaster, but the website data come from? Of course is the statistical tool, if only by observing his web page hits to analysis, it is not a joke? But some webmaster may think statistical code all is called with JS code, it is not on the site optimization is not friendly? The answer is no.. Even JS code, but by adding a statistical code to the site, can let oneself every day can clearly grasp the details of the site, so for their own maintenance, further optimize and improve the user experience is very good, but also on the statistical code outweigh the disadvantages, naturally a little small problem by not considering the extent. What’s more, if the site does not install the statistical code, do you want 24 hours a day to see the site data? So, the first JS code – statistical code can make the webmaster to better grasp the details of the site, is also a tool of data analysis.

in the search engine algorithm, all the webmaster know spiders recognition ability to JS code needs to be improved, but I must say that JS code is the website essential goods is a violation of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge? The answer so, some JS code can hurt the website, but everything has two sides, as long as is more, everyone will see it as a good thing. Therefore, the use of some JS code is also helpful for website optimization. The effect of JS code on three today, which is three? The Chengdu talent network announced one by one for you.

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