The internal website optimization website weight three method

1, title and description optimization, highlight key words


when you are in search of their own website will find the search engine show the title and description information is the site, so in the web page code head plus TITTLE and DEscriptION website is very necessary, but also on the website of Shanghai dragon is the largest, the weight of the title search engine ranking algorithm is the very high, many Title got the attention of the search engine in a great degree, the standard should be associated with the contents of the article, the meaning of the expression, but also with the main theme of the entire site, the article title sentence readability can be added to 2-3 words, but not malicious to add or direct lines of keywords stack.

site navigation optimization, facilitate the spider crawling

site internal optimization is really a very complicated and very fine work, the owners need to pay attention to many details in the daily work experience. So the chain and the contents of the article are equally important, but it is more in line with the content of user experience, the content would be a part of the user, and the user experience is good in the whole process of the website optimization, website internal optimization is the internal work adjustment work on the web itself and the corresponding code standard answer the station, but some friends will still occasionally change work plan, to achieve the optimization of the best

reflects the main site navigation into a directory, through which users and spiders can all access to the site into the deep layers of content. So the main part must be prominently on the website home page, and the text links instead of images more than flash navigation. If your website two level three many columns, please do not put into the navigation bar, should focus on the column in your navigation bar. Reasonable effective website internal circulation links, such as the commonly used home column content, keep 3, is very helpful for the spider crawling and indexing. Some key recommended products in home can directly link the past, although it belongs to.


site internal optimization is each do optimization, do Shanghai dragon friends do pre essential matters, and website marketing, network promotion, website internal optimization is not be questioned for some keywords ranking and website weight ascension, almost all of the site to achieve the marketing effect must optimize the internal working site internal web site optimization also aims to highlight some words more nuclear and related long tail words, to love the Shanghai spiders crawl and crawl, but also easy for users to read and experience, most of the site for long in the hands of the new station is one-time completely optimized, if there are few webmaster optimization excessive in the late follow up the progress of optimization, this is not feasible, we say the website internal optimization is a very fine work, for a net Station, optimization of the attitude of a good website optimization decision success or failure! The author will make a summary of internal website optimization techniques.

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